Inside the Living Body

Williams, Martin

Inside the living body [Motion picture on DVD]. (2007). U.S.A: National Geographic ;.


The 90 minute documentary provides a look at the extraordinary process of the human life cycle from conception to old age.  This film helps students to understand how the human body works.  The actual camera footage and images of body processes are portrayed using technology, like camera pills and high-definition endoscopes.

The documentary starts from fetal development and continues to show amazing changes that take place in every organ in the hours after birth, throughout childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.  It also explores brain development, digestion, blood circulation, cell division, puberty, sexuality, childbirth, and changes in the aging process, and more!

This documentary is intended for all students at various reading levels.  This movie is very engaging, as it illustrates how our body functions internally.

P.S. The clip at the top is about ten minutes of the movie from YouTube.


This documentary was intended for various age groups.  Because of this, the film can be used for all students at various reading levels in the class.  The quality of the movie is excellent – a High Definition documentary.  The images, graphics, and camera footage are very clear and engaging. The conceptual level and vocabulary choice are appropriate for all readers. The ideas are expressed clearly and directly.

Use in Class

The documentary will be played towards the end of the unit. The suggested activity is “Jigsaw.”  The students are going to be grouped together.  Each group will be assigned one stage of a persons’s life: birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.  Then each group will write down the characteristics of the body system during the assigned stage.  Then, the group will share their findings with other groups.

Unit Focus


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