Karch’s Pathology of drug Abuse 5th edition

Kelley, Christian

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Karch, Steven B. CRC Press 2008. Print ISBN: 978-0-8493-7880-5. Karch’s Pathology of Drug Abuse, Fourth Edition.




This book is the latest edition in a series that provides readers with the most up to date scientific studies and research findings related to 9 different drugs or classes of drugs. It also covers the make up of the drug chemically, street names, drug interactions, frequency of abuse, to the history and epidemiology of each class. I chose this source because it is a valuable resource due to its scholarly nature and hard facts. I also like the the currentness of the information and how it is used to express the frequency of abuse for the classes of drugs.


This selection is a 11.9 on the scale so it is a little out of the league of your average 10th grader but i believe the information is valuable to teaching this information. The book it self is a large print with a lot of information to get lost in but i would assign parts that focus on the information i want them to be comfortable with. Out of the sample i took each word averaged around 4.9 characters, 1.9 syllables per word, and 21 words per sentence. Due to the higher read level this text would be used more as a reference along with a classroom text.

Use in Class

For the best results this text would be used in the preparation or assistance phases of the PAR reading strategy. This text would be used as a foundation of information covered throughout the unit. It also could be used to reinforce understanding of the history and/or current affairs associated with any number of drugs covered in the text. It covers classes of drugs in depth and issues specifically related to different classifications.

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