“La Rutina Diara de Eduardo”

“La Rutina Diara de Eduardo”

  • This is a very short, teacher created, reading about the daily routine of Eduardo. It begins with him waking up and completing his morning routine. It discusses the times he goes to school but doesn’t involve in depth information about his school day. It ends with him going home and finishing his evening routine.
    • This relates to the content area because it uses daily routine vocabulary and grammar as specified by the Chesterfield County Spanish 2 curriculum for Unit 1.
    • Because this was created by teachers, it was directed towards novice-low readers according to the ACTFL standards. The reading itself is very short and includes a lot of cognates and previously learned vocabulary, as well as the vocabulary and grammar taught in Unit 1.
  • This will help students learn the material because it is reproducing vocabulary and grammar in a practical way. It is also close to what students will see on a county created Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) test given at the end of the quarter.
  • Because this is an easier text to read, it might give students a sense of confidence while reading, thus exciting and engaging them.


  • Based on the Fry Graph modification used, this text marks in the upper part of a 7th grade reading level.
    • Passage 1: 215 syllables – 67 syllables à 148 syllables, 9.2 sentences.

Use in Class:

  • This text was used in the classroom as a formative assessment. Because it is rich in vocabulary, it is a great way to integrate vocabulary and grammar into the reading and see if students are studying those aspects of the language. It also assesses how students read complete Spanish sentences and can comprehend what they’ve read.
    • This text was created at a novice-low level based on ACTFL standards. With that in mind, students will:
      • read independently
      • highlight cognates found in the article and circle the vocabulary from the unit
      • Fill in a chart and answer questions to assess comprehension.
  • This would be used in the Reflection stage of the PAR Lesson Framework because students are being evaluated.


  • Created by the 2015-2016 Spanish 2 PLC (Erika Morris, Nadia Hassan, and Carrie Williams) at James River High School.


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