Martin Luther King, Jr.

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This song aligns with SOL 3.11b and is written to help students understand and remember Martin Luther King’s contribution the America. It’s engaging because it is a rap, with a catchy tune, and great visuals, that they can easily remember and sing along because lyrics are provided on the screen as it plays. This would be for all levels of readers. The song does a great job of explaining the tough vocabulary during the song so that all students are able to comprehend.


I identified these lyrics as a Flesch-Kincaid level of 5.2.

Use in Class

I have used this song in my classroom to help the students remember the struggles Martin Luther King went through and how he fought for what he believed. This could be used in the Reflect section of the PAR. The lyrics of this song ask the students some questions that could be discussed with a partner at the conclusion of the video.

Unit Focus

English, History, Language Arts, Literacy, Social Studies

Submitted by Phaedra Boyd

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