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This is a video composed by a biology teacher to help students studying human body systems. The song is about 4 minutes long. Even though it is a short video, it contains rich information on organ systems. Studying and memorizing organs that are part of specific organ systems can be challenging, but as students sing this rap, it will naturally help students to remember names of the organs and their corresponding systems.  This song is intended for BIO4.


One good reason to show this video to students is that it contains lyrics as well as images. The students can listen to the lyrics, read them, and view the images. The video can be used by students with various reading levels.  The song is accessible for students to follow as students are already familiar with the names of human organs and their functions, which are what the lyrics are mostly about. The illustrations, pictures, and graphs are appropriate, and ideas are expressed clearly and directly.  The conceptual level is appropriate for all readers. The song rhythm is very engaging and upbeat. This song is very clear and convenient to use.

Use in Class

The video will be shown to students towards the end of the unit on human body systems as a review. Since this video provides another tool for students to easily access and learn the material, it is recommended to show the video to all during class. It is recommended that students receive a copy of the lyrics for them to follow along throughout the video. It will help students visually to read and audibly hear the song.

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