Othello: Shakespeare – The Animated Tales


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This is an abridged, animated version of Othello, that I can provide to students if necessary. Although it uses direct quotes from the play, it excludes more difficult language, and subject matter (like Othello’s killing of Desdemona). It is intended for a wide range of ages, and is visually interesting without being distracting.


This text is a genuine approach to Shakespeare, as a softer version. Students that use this video as part of their learning of the play will still be able to recognize important passages, and become more comfortable with the language of the play. It is a visual supplement that can help students grapple Shakespeare.

Use in Class

I would provide this video early on in the unit, as an option to my students to better understand the plot of Othello. I have specific students in mind, like those who need support in reading comprehension. If this video is one of the first times students interact with the text of the play, it can help them feel less overwhelmed when we reach, and read/speak from the actual play.

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