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This is a packet provided by the theater company that has created the Othello adaptation. They are enthusiastic about the benefit of relating Othello in this way, making the play approachable to many different types of students. The packet includes resources for a unit plan, daily lessons, and activities to use in class to learn and discuss character traits and their development. The resource packet is creative, reliable, and parts can be used without the use of the production, but would be a great incentive for students!


This packet would be facilitated by the teacher, and the worksheets and activities would be provided for the students. The parts of the packet that the students would mostly include exerts from Shakespeare’s play, which the students will have seen before. Besides the quotes, the explanations are written in a casual way that students will be comfortable with.

Use in Class

I would use some of the activities in the packet for warm-ups, or group activities before a deeper discussion of the play for that day. The parts of the packet titled “Character Work” I would provide as notes for the class also, to use as references when working on a project or paper on Othello. There are also activities in the packet, like acting out particular parts of the play, which would be fun to get class engaged.

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