Physiology DeMYSTiFied

Laym, Dale

Publication date:

Layman, D. (2004). Physiology demystified. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.




This book begins with solid, basic information and gently guides the reader through as the subject matter becomes more complex. The book is organized as a self-teaching guide that contains very thorough explanations and analogies. The book covers various topics such as function and interaction of bodily systems, comparative physiology, physiology of muscle, nerves and glands, motor functions, autonomic nerves and the endocrine system, and digestive and genitourinary systems.  This text is relevant for BIO4 and AP Biology. This book contains heavy information on physiology. It is recommended for students who have advanced reading skills and comprehension skills. Due to the amount of information it provides, students who may be thinking about their career path in health field will greatly enjoy it.


This book is generally appropriate for students at or above 12th grade reading level according to Flesch-Kincaid formula. The vocabulary choice is very scientific. New vocabulary is italicized and some words are bold-faced. There is a pronunciation guide next to new vocabulary. The conceptual level is appropriate for 12th grade or college level. Major ideas are bold-faced and new concepts are developed through examples, icons, and illustrations to help clarify each idea. The author re-defines key terms and re-states key facts that may be necessary to understand later chapters. The book comes with key points, background information, and questions at the end of each chapter which helps students to recall important information. The ideas are expressed clearly and directly as each chapter contains headings and subheadings. The tone and manner of expression are professional. It is a paperback book, which is appropriate for this type of text. Overall, this book is very clear for its intended purpose and convenient to use.

Use in Class

This book will be used for students who have reading level skills of 12th or higher. This group of students are encouraged to read independently. Each student can write down a summary of key facts in the chapters that they wish to read.

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