Pink and Say


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<span style="font-weight: 400;">Pink and Say is the story of two soldiers during the Civil War. This is a fictional story about a white Union soldier and an African-American Union soldier. The story goes into detail about the differences the two men faced during the war. It also shows how the men helped each other. In the story, the men get captured by the Confederates. The story discusses what the Confederate camps were like. The story ends with the men getting separated and how their lives turned out very different. </span>


I identified this text as a Fry Readability Graph Reading Level early 6.

Use in Class

I would use this text as a read aloud with my students. I would pull the students to the carpet to read this story. It would be a whole group reading. This text is too high to allow students to read independently. After the reading, I will leave the text at the front of the room so students can read it independently. I will allow the students to read this on their own after I read it aloud. This text will be engaging because it will help the students visualize what it was like for the soldiers. This book covers the standard VS.7 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the issues that divided our nation and led to the Civil War by describing the roles of American Indians, whites, enslaved African Americans, and free African Americans. This will be used in the Preparation and Assistance phase of PAR.

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Social Studies

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