Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Pope Osborne, Mary

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<span style="font-weight: 400;">This is a Magic Treehouse Book, which my students love reading, so I know they will enjoy reading this together during guided reading for my on-grade level students. I love that this book has so many fantasy and realistic elements for us to discuss. In this book, Jack and Annie travel to the Arctic where the meet a seal hunter and have an adventure with a giant polar bear. </span>



Using the Fry Readability Graph, this book is on a 2nd grade level.

Use in Class

This book (and activities done with this book) would be used during guided reading and would be used during all 3 phases of PAR. I would do a story impression or an anticipation guide before we read as part of the preparation phase. During the assistance phase, I would use DR-TA, different questioning strategies, and we would discuss different comprehension strategies as we read the book. Finally, during the reflection phase, we would discuss questions about the book, any connections they have (especially text-text), revisit the anticipation guide, and summarize the book as we read and at the end of the book.

Unit Focus

Language Arts

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