Preventing Drug Use among Children and Adolescents


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This text is a 35 page publication is high on prevention it gives many different programs and prevention principles but also talks about warning signs of at risk students and how the community effects that risk. It also talks about how the family atmosphere can play a huge part in a child’s life and lifestyle choices. I like that it outlines the principles of prevention and covers a lot of ground on stages of life for young people. This text could be used as resources for middle school teachers as well as high teachers. It also has a lot on how to chose a prevention program for a community and how to assess which program would work the best for their community. The three main points it cover when reviewing a potential prevention program includes the structure of the program meaning how it is organized and constructed. The second is the content which means how the information is presented, and last is how the program is delivered meaning the who, what, when , why , and how the program will be implemented to a specific community in question.


This text is a tough read for a 10th grade student but if used correctly has a lot of useful information. It tended to be little harder to read so if it were to be used in a classroom setting and outline would be needed for the students to get what the teacher wants out of it. I my self got alittle lost in it while reading but could be a very viable source for a high school teacher and for the community as well. It scored a very high 17.2 on the Flesch-Kincaid due to the high number of characters per word(6.1) , syllables per word (2.1) and words per sentence(21.7). But i feel the information is so useful it could be adapted for 10th graders get the bulk of the information presented.

Use in Class

I would use this text to hopefully provide information that gets the gears turning within the class room and give the students information that challenges them to think about what they can do to help their community be less of a risk of drug abuse. Fill in notes would be a must along with a lot of group discussions to get the below average readers to mesh with the above average readers and learn the material to a degree.

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