“So you think you can’t understand Spanish? – Identifying cognates”

“So you think you can’t understand Spanish? – Identifying cognates”

  • This power point describes what exactly cognates are. In the beginning of the year, this power point should be used to remind students what exactly cognates are. It is also important that Spanish 2 students understand how to use cognates when reading.
    • While cognates are a review from Spanish 1, cognates are something that are stressed in all language classes.
    • This is designed for students at all ACTFL levels. No matter what level you are at, cognates help students with words they don’t know by finding the connection between Spanish and English words.
  • This power point will engage students in learning because they can use this when reading texts to help with understanding. It also draws upon English language vocabulary and knowledge when reading in Spanish.
  • Because this is a lesson and not a text, there is no readability to assess. However, when determining readability and how it relates to the ACTFL standards, the amount of cognates found in a text is considered. So it does help to assess the readability of texts.
  • This will be used in the classroom to review cognates with Spanish 2 students to aid them in reading in the Spanish language.
    • Students and teacher will go over the power point and discuss cognates- what they are and how to use them in reading.
    • This would be used in the Preparation stage of the PAR Lesson Framework.


  • Powerpoint: Created by Nadia Hassan

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