The Strange Afterlife of Einstein’s Brain

Kremer, William Kremer, W. (2015, April 18). The strange afterlife of Einstein’s brain – BBC News. Retrieved June 20, 2015, from Flesch–Kincaid 11.2 Description This article is a true story about Einstein’s brain. Albert Einstein is known world-wide as a brilliant physicist who developed the general Theory of Relativity. Even though he was famous, […]

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50 Body Questions: A Book That Spills Its Guts

Lloyd, Kyi Publication date: 2014 Publisher: Annick Press Kyi, L. (n.d.). 50 Body Questions: A Book That Spills Its Guts. Toronto, ON: Annick Press. Flesch–Kincaid 6.9 Description This is a wonderful science book for students about the human body system. This book contains 50 interesting questions and answers on each page with colorful pictures and […]

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