This is Language (Video ID# 5154)

This is Language (Video ID# 5154)

  • This video gives a short description of a woman’s daily routine. She describes what she does in the morning, the middle of the day and at night.
    • This video relates to the content area because it includes vocabulary and grammar from the daily routine unit.
  • While this has the vocabulary and grammar of the unit, it also begins to bring in other aspects of language learning. It branches out from just reading comprehension to interpretive listening. It can remain a listening assignment, but if students are struggling, they have an option to look at the transcript.


  • According to This is Language, this video is considered to be an “easy” video. I agree with that classification. There aren’t very many words and the speaker speaks at a pace easy for novice-low listeners to comprehend.
    • This video only has 39 words, and the speaker speaks slowly.
  • Because students have Chromebooks, this assignment can be given in class or assigned as homework. I prefer to do this assignment in class because students often struggle and get frustrated when it comes to listening to the video.
    • This particular video is directed towards students at a novice-low listening level, which are most students in the beginning of Spanish 2. When told, students will sign into this is language and complete the following tasks:
      • Jigsaw
      • Video Vocab
      • Comprehension
      • Gap Fill

Use in Class:

  • This video would be used in the Reflection stage of the PAR Lesson Framework because it is extended the reading experience. It is also demonstrating learning in a more practical way with regards to language learning, shifting the focus from interpretive reading to interpretive listening.


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