Thurgood Marshall

Taylor-Butler, Christine

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This book will bring SOL 3.11b alive for my below level readers. The book is titled Thurgood Marshall and discusses how he was the first African American justice. The book cover of this book looks on grade level with a picture of him and just the title, however, when you open the book the words are below grade level. This book will be great for my below level readers as they will be able to independently read and gather information about Thurgood Marshall.


The Fry readability graph has these text at a 1.5.

Use in Class

Since I have several copies of this text, the students will work in a small group with this text. They will work with other students on their reading level. This will allow them to be confident in their reading abilities and truly understand the content.

Unit Focus

English, History, Language Arts, Literacy, Social Studies

Submitted by Phaedra Boyd

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