Totally avoidable risk factors of CVD


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This text really tackles the bear of the risk factors that are directly effected by smoking or chewing tobacco. The risk factors that are associated with tobacco use are a avoidable and a tobacco free world is the main focus the world heart federation. The text uses a lot of facts and figures to show the dangers of smoking or chewing tobacco. Most of the time tobacco use isn’t included in drugs but it is the most accessible of all drugs and is a very addictive substance. The importance of this text in this unit would be to portray tobacco as what it is a substance that is abused more so then any. The text also gives hour impacts of quitting which i find cool because it shows all the benefits of not smoking or quitting before it becomes a major problem. It also talks about the impact of second hand smoke to reinforce the tobacco free lifestyle.


This specific text came back with a 11th grade reading level which is acceptable for 10th graders, i find it little challenging but nothing a rising 10th grade can’t handle. The paragraph i use to test its readability had a sentence count of 9 and in those 9 sentences there was an average of 19.9 words per sentence. The characters per word came out to be 4.7 and 1.6 syllables per so its right on with the rest of the text in this set so far.

Use in Class

I would use this document to reinforce the information given in class discussions on the topic. I really see the students brainstorming about the befits of not smoking as a pre-assessment then go over this information to put it all together. I could assign an activity to do as homework as well and/or have them fill out a guided note assignment for their own references for a written test or whatever is assignment. Giving them the guided reading assignment would just be this page with some blanks where they would have to pay attention during lecture.

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