Two Great WordPress Taxonomies That Link Great Together

Leave it to diabetic to use a sugary metaphor to a candy slogan.

Okay, WordPress, you have these two ways to organize posts, Tags and Categories (yes, there are more than “uncategorized”). I’m working on a new project where I am going to not have my usual freedom for custom theme coding, so I am finding all the things I can do within the box.

I have a Category taxonomy with 3 items, each with 10 sub items. But I am going to need ways to list posts also within each ones as “recommended” or “optional.” I was wondering about ways of finding posts with a category AND a specific tag.

Were I coding, doing a custom query would be a snatch.

And this little thing I found will work as a link, but not much else, but seemed like something worth noting.

So I have a category link on this here blog for WordPress cayetorized posts – and by the time I publish this one, there will be 180 posts there.

But I can add a second query parameter via the URL to get posts categorized WordPress and tagged splot like this (41 results)

And when this one gets published!

Just by playing with URLs you can get slices of taxonomies across the two kinds WordPress gives you.

Featured Image: Image by pixel1 from Pixabay

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