Two-Wheeled Steed

Two-Wheeled Steed


A seventh grade physical education class is the target audience for this text set.The text set of the Two-Wheeled Steed is focused on bicycle safety. The information includes how to properly fit a helmet, checking main bike components before a ride, road rules, bunny hop, quick stop, bike parts, and mechanical adjustments for brakes and tires. These text sets have been chosen to teach safety requirements and techniques to keep students safe while riding a bicycle. These texts are to be used throughout the unit of bicycling. Vocabulary and terms should be introduced first to assure understanding of more complex topics.

I chose this topic because physical education is starting to incorporate more life long activities into the curriculum. Introduction to bicycling in the school setting is a great way for students to learn how ride a bicycle or to advance their skills. Bicycling is a life long knowledge that can be used for the rest of a student’s life to maintain physical activity.

Description of Students

The target students are seventh graders ranging from struggling to more advanced readers. A majority of the texts will benefit students who need assistance with reading while also having texts that will meet the needs of those who need a challenge. There are also a few texts that will make a large majority of the students feel comfortable reading; while also being engaged and having the capability of making personal connections in some way.

Bicycling is more of a physical education unit than a health unit. However, these items can be accompanied with the in depth unit of a physical education class with modifications.

Targeted SOLs

These are just some of the SOLs that are represented by the text sets.

7.1a) Demonstrate and apply mature movement forms and skill combinations competently in a variety of cooperative and tactical activities that include dynamic and unpredictable situations

7.1c) Demonstrate basic abilities and safety precautions in recreational pursuits (e.g., in-line skating, orienteering, hiking, cycling, ropes courses, backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing).

7.3a) Identify safe practices for improving physical fitness

7.4h) Identify specific safety concerns associated with at least one activity that includes rules, equipment, and etiquette.

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