Healing the Heart



Kahn, J. (2007, February 1). Healing the Heart – National Geographic Magazine. Retrieved June 15, 2015, from http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/02/hearts/hearts-text/2




This article begins with the true story of 62 year-old Gloria Stevens. She had gone through surgeries due to her heart condition. This article did an excellent job of explaining the pathways the blood cells travel throughout the body. This resource is also good to initiate a discussion with students regarding genetic marks that express heart related diseases in our genes.  This article contains relevant information for BIO4 as it pertains to a part of the circulatory system.  This article is suitable for students who have high literacy and reading comprehension skills. It is written at a 12th grade reading level or above.


This article is best used by students at a 12th grading reading level or higher, and with strong reading comprehension skills. The students will quickly adapt to the style of text as the story starts with a true story which helps students to relate well.  The vocabulary choice is suitable, but there are some words that are exclusive for the intended readers. The conceptual level is appropriate, as the story is narrated smoothly.  The tone of the text is appealing, which makes it easy to read and follow the text.  The font size is appropriate and the pictures are appealing to readers.

Use in Class

This article is a great resource for students with high reading and comprehension skills at 12th grade or above.   This will be given to this group of students as an independent reading.  The students are encouraged to read this article and write a short summary.



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