Vulnerability to Drug Abuse

Glantz, Meyer

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This text provides a plethora of articles and documents all relating drug use and abuse. Most likely if used in class it would be parted out to provide information on the drug of the class period or readings assigned. The text as a whole is a lot of information and students would lose interest in a 500 page book very quickly so breaking it up and cover certain aspects covered would be much more beneficial to the production of the class. This text also cover mostly everything about drug abuse from risk factors to prevention techniques and use a lot of scholarly data that would be useful.



10.7. Students will be reading on or slightly above grade level. In total the book is approximately 500 pages and contains 16 related but separate articles. A 28-sentence sample from the text showed an average of 4.7 characters per word, 1.7 syllables per word, and 14.7 words per sentence.

Use in classroom

It will be used outside of the classroom as a compliment to the traditional text, utilized with a guided copy of notes to make sure the correct data is retained. A copy could be available in the classroom for check-out, or for in-class referencing while covering units or lessons as needed



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