Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-07-21

  • Please Consider My Application to Give You Labor So I Can Stay Alive – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
    If you look at my résumé, I think you’ll find that I have extensive relevant experience that I could bring to the table after onboarding. In the formative years of my life, I attended primary school in exchange for not being detained per truancy laws in my home state; I then matriculated to college, where I cut my teeth going to classes in exchange for a framed sheet of cardstock that was a prerequisite for submitting this application.
  • The Pizza Effect – Futility Closet
    The pizza example continues to “echo” between the Italian and American cultures: American tourists sought out “authentic” (non-American) pizza in Italy, and the Italians met the demand by creating brick-oven pizzerias. The Americans then carried these back to their own country. Stephen Jenkins of Humboldt State University writes, “Hence, Americans met their own reflection in the other and were delighted.”
  • xkcd: Spreadsheets
    Pretty much my life . . .
  • I thought I was being ‘blacklisted’ by university colleagues, so I demanded to see their emails | The Independent
    Firstly, my eminent and influential PhD supervisor had let it be widely known that they thought I was an unpleasant person, impossible to work with, fundamentally stupid, and that I definitely shouldn’t be doing a doctorate.
  • pampers launches ‘lumi’ smart diapers that track baby pee
    the sensor then sends all information the the accompanying app where parents can chart feeding times and milestones to better understand how their child’s routines are changing over time. meanwhile, the logitech camera – which features a high-definition, wide-angle monitor – includes night vision and two-way audio so that parents can keep an eye on their little one. it also tracks room temperature and humidity.
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