What its like: Testimony from Drug Users


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Sometime the best way to learn about information is to go straight to the source, this time we are going into the drug abusers minds by reading testimony’s straight from the horses mouth. This text is more about how these people became drug addicts and the vicious cycle they put themselves in, where they started and how they ended up here. Its good to hear real life experiences because it makes it real to the students, they aren’t reading some book that some smart guy wrote talking about something that hasn’t ran their life completely. The testimony’s give a human aspect to the abusers instead of just words on a page, its not always black and white and reading them really makes you think about all aspects of drug addiction.


This read is an easy one on the Flesch-Kincaid grade level with a score of 4.1 put this text is more emotional then anything it grabs the reader because it could be you or your friend or family or anyone. This text is more of an eye opener then a scholarly read, it is subjective and personal.

Use in Class

I would use this as a class read and a assignment given to different groups since there is 6 testimony’s there would be six groups and the groups would then dissect the story and share with the class their thoughts on that persons story. This hopefully would promote classroom dialogue and with that comprehension of the material will be higher due to the interaction with in the classroom.

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