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I know we briefly talked about Milton’s perspective on marriage and divorce. I was thoroughly surprised he was all for it until he wasn’t getting along with his wife at the time. Then I thought about it again and it still interested me, because of the fact he saw compatibility trump over the standards given during his time. I did a little digging into the history of divorce because why not?  I knew it was rather difficult for women to get a divorce but didn’t know the extent of their difficulty in achieving it. I think around 1857 was when a woman could petition to divorce their spouse but had to prove it on the grounds of rape, cruelty, incest, and adultery. Then sometime in 1937, they also added on the grounds of drunkenness, insanity, and desertion.  Then you get to 1969 and both parties we’re welcome to divorce but had to be separated first for two years if both agreed to the divorce. If only one person wishes for the divorce then they must be separated for five years. Then what really brought attention the fact of being equal in marriage was the 1996 White vs White case. Martin and Pamela White owned a well off  farming business that was worth £4.5m. They filed for divorce and Pamela only got 800,000. Assuming she was not thrilled with what she got, went back to court and won 1.5m. It was rather pleasant to look into the case and learn a thing or two of the things we take for granted nowadays that we can do so freely.

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  1. Good read! It has always been hard for women to get a divorce. I know during the early English Industrial Era that when men and women got married they would stay together even when they didn’t love each other for financial purposes. Charles Dickens wrote about it in A Tale of Two Cities.

  2. I was also interested in how he viewed divorce especially with the fact that he had issues in his own marriage which later I guess they resolved because they had three children after they got back together. I thought it was very different that he viewed marriage with compatibility over any other reasons, and basically that if you do it for any reasons other than that it violates your personal liberties.

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