Social Dominance

“What if the girl doesn’t want to date you? Girls have a say too.”

“No they don’t. White boys can date white girls. There’s plenty of’em. They can even date black girls. But mixed girls are for me.” (C.J Pascoe: Dude, You’re a fag)

C.J. Pascoe indicated the hidden curriculum at River High is that sexual harassment and sexual roles are reinforced even in school environments. The hidden curriculum of males as sexually aggressive and females as submissive are played out in these schools while boys and girls who deviate from these roles are met with harassment and violence with little consequence in extreme cases.

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Beauty Pageants: Masculinity vs. Femininity

“The pageant is a night to be glamorous (what girl doesn’t love that?!)”. NBC 29 news featured a short clip on the Miss Charlottesville pageant on 04OCT15 showing female contestants in formal dresses on stage competing for the 2016 titles. Winners of the pageant not only receive material rewards but also receives a boost in confidence and opportunities to give back to the community. While the pageant is an independent event not associated with the ever popular Miss American beauty pageant, the process is similar. Eligible female candidates ranging from age 0-24 compete within her age groups and are judged through private panel interview, casual wear and on stage questions and the winners will be attending community organized events.

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