MHIS243 ThoughtsOnListening

Thoughts on Listening

While I was listening to Part One Steve Roden’s Soundwalk, I was immediately introduced to a consistent ringing that, at first, overtook the majority of sounds. As this ringing grew louder, it became unpleasant to me. I had tried to navigate the piece for more pleasant sounds. Around the 00:24 mark, I can hear the distant notes what sounds like a bell with a deep pitch. The constant and dissonant relationship of the two notes it produces breaks up the ringing. In addition to this sound of this bell I can hear what sounds like soft static (00:24). As I tuned closely into this static more, it sounded more like a breeze up against tree leaves. The more I focused on the soft texture of the static the more pleasant it felt. Around 14:55, the gong that was introduced as the beginning of the piece picks up its tempo, almost having a 4/4 rhythm. This up in tempo and the loss of the ringingĀ  made the piece more pleasant to me. When these attributes are put together, an atmospheric piece of music it created.


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