Nugget in Sources #3

“They invite a sense of self and of self in relation to others that has always been present on the Internet but is quite visible, very standardized, global, and relatively well mainstreamed when compared to the Internet in 1993.” -“The Psychology of Blogging: You, Me, and Everyone in Between” Laura J. Gurak

This is a great connection to my YouTube vloggers. This nugget perfectly explains as to why they do they do what they do. They connect to others, a connection that sometimes can be unbearable between a blogger and their viewer. They might not have met each other but they seem so close from all the things they know. Yes that only works one way but the blogger should know what their viewers like. The viewers like them so just continue being themselves right? As bad as the social media sounds these days because of bullying and porn, there’s some great pros to it, if only people would focus on that idea.

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