Nuggeting Sources #2

“Some privacy is required for individuals to self-actualize. Privacy is arguably necessary for advancing the self and protecting the integrity of relationships. Having insulation against outside scrutiny is important for experimenting with aspects of the self without fear of retribution.” -“Publicly Private and Privately Public: Social Networking on YouTube” Patricia Lange
With the focus of privacy, I have chosen this nugget because it beautifully explains how privacy is defined in this social networking generation. It elaborates why society willingly provides information to the world; an information that can never be erased. With the YouTube stars, they provide personal information of themselves to their viewers that can be easily used against them. They strip themselves completely in front of the world, completely and utterly vulnerable. As awful as that sounds, just like what my nugget says, there’s a purpose to it. There’s an underlying reason as to why people do it. As long we know who we are, and when to stop then we are fine.

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