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The Death of Privacy
“Insidiously, through small concessions that only mounted up over time, we have signed away rights and privileges that other generations fought for, undermining the very cornerstones of our personalities in the process.”

Revealing the Superficial Me
“To elaborate, early studies of offline self-disclosure tended to focus on the amount of information imparted from one individual to another (Jourard, 1971), with a subsequent focus on self-disclosure comprising of four sub-categories: the depth of intimacy, honesty or accuracy, amount and valence, as well as the associated intentions of a self-discloser”

The new source that I have found at first glance, doesn’t seem at all connected to my first source. But when looked at closely and read once again, they could both be from the same article, which they’re not I promise you. They both agree on the idea on how we have given up our privacy to the world. The second source got this concept from the growing fame of online speed dating, while for the first source it’s from the look and feel of this generation’s social media popularity. Although, from not so different ends of the spectrum, they both agree on one great thing; where is privacy?

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