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As I was looking into research topics, I came about an article regarding Organ Donation Vs. The organ selling black market. I was inquisitive about this topic and looking at pictures made me even more curious about it. The top most picture portrays the black market of organ selling, and it made me wonder why people were so against selling organs but people are so for donating organs. Not only that it also makes me wonder why it’s illegal to sell your organs in united states in the first place. The middle picture is a graph that not only shows how many people are waiting on kidneys for a transplant but how many people have died from waiting for a kidney as well as how many people are willing to give their kidneys via  donation. To me, these numbers are quite high, having approximately 95,000 people on the waiting list and only having around 13,500 willing to give up their kidneys shows that people need some sort of incentive to increase those numbers. Obviously, in this world, yes there are good people out there, but realistically why would someone want to give up their healthy being by donating their organs? Unless the person’s about to die or a person actually wants to do something good, you won’t find a lot of people wanting to donate their organs, hence the high numbers in people on the wait list. The last image for some reason touched me a lot because it made me realize that anything you do, can have an impact on anyone in life. Organ donation can actually make a positive impact on someone and actually give them a new life. It actually made want to be an organ donor. 

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  1. Interesting… But whose blog is this? I can’t find a name.

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