Difficulty in reading is also a kind of disorder. Yes, you’re reading it right. Dyslexia, a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading.¬† This condition is treatable, however it is not curable. This disorder is mostly seen children, could also effect elderly people. The child doesn’t necessarily have to be a special child. It can occur in children with normal vision and intelligence as well. Causes could be, family history of dyslexia, premature birth or low birth weight, exposure during pregnancy to nicotine, alcohol or infection that may alter brain development in the fetus, individual differences in parts of the brain that enables reading and many more causes. Symptoms usually include late talking, longer time learning new words and a delay in learning to read but not limited to reading related problems only. Not being able to tie a knot or shoe lace, not being able to catch a ball, unable to judge space, distance, difference are also included. Most children with Dyslexia can succeed in school with tutoring or specialized education programs. But what they cannot succeed in is getting diagnosed. If a child is having trouble reading, understanding or identifying letters, numbers and words, that child is most likely to have the lowest grade in class. To us parents with work loads, bills, mortgage payments, debts, it might look like the child is not being attentive enough, or is engaged in other activities but not books. What we don’t understand is, if the child is unable to read and understand or identify what is written in that book, why wouldn’t they engage in activities that doesn’t require reading? Every worksheet, homework and classwork of the child only has stroke of red ink.¬† Parents-teachers meeting has been called, parents attend it, the teachers explains everything going on with the child. Parents think it is because the child is not being attentive in class and spending more time on useless activities like drawing, playing, video games, watching cartoons, discovering new things. They talk to the child, explain to the child that they will be punished, grounded, not given the things they want if the child keeps bringing¬† poor grades home. The child tries it’s level best to get good grades, be attentive in class, and still brings poor grades home. The child is punished, scolded, in worst case scenario-physically abused, new rules have been set to train the child. However, everything remains the same. The child is pressurized even more, and at one point the child becomes devastated, depressed, upset, feel lack of self confidence and maybe completely begins behaving abnormally, and then sent to a school for special kids with a tag on the child that say special child. Maybe if the parents would try to understand the child’s difficulties, seek medical help to confirm diagnosis and rather than setting up punishments they took special care of the child, maybe the child could turn around its own world, instead of racing with the world to keep us with it. All that the child needed, was a little help and care.

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