The city and the city

I think one of China Mievelle’s most outstanding creation is The city and the city.  I didn’t think I was going to like the book at first, but eventually, I found this masterpiece very exciting. He has not only demonstrated, but proven that he is a prolific writer. Not only a writer, I would say he is much more than that, who can establish an imagery in a readers mind of something that has derived simply from his Imagination. In this book, he talks about two cities Beszel and Ul Qoma, and distinguishes how different each city were, despite of being a part of the same area. An invisible line of separation that exists and separates both the cities completely. Casting a fear in the residence’s mind that their day to day activities are continuously being observed by Breech. Breech belongs to both cities. They are like secret agents in disguise who are keeping log of both the cities everyday. In brief, a lady named Mahalia, a phD student was obsessed with a mystery city named Orciny between the two cities. One of the politicians use her obsession against her and leveraged her to uncover the secret city. But their intentions were for her to dig out artifacts and sell them to foreign companies for profit. When Mahalia realized that there was no such secret city and it was a cover up for the companies profit, she was  murdered and her dead body was dumped in Beszel. A detective agent named Borlu got involved in it and he desperately wanted to solve the mystery of her death. It was very hard to gather information and evidence since they were not allowed to see anything happening in the other city, and even if they did see something by mistake, they had to unsee it, otherwise they will be taken over by Breech. This book is a combination of mystery, conspiracy, and to some extent one’s place and space. Boru’s going back and forth from Beszel to Ul Qoma always reminded him of his place. Where he belonged to, who his people were and for who he worked for, what he isn’t suppose to see or know. More to add, Borlu was accused of breeching since he shot the snipper that was shooting at him, Dhatt and Yolanda(Mahalia’s best friend). When Borlu went to the Breech headquarters, he came to know that none of the Breech members were from either of the cities. He was the very first and only one. Now the bigger question that really interests me is that, being a breech member belonging from one of the cities, would Borlu be fair to both the cities?

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