Whenever someone hears the term feminism or feminist, most of them always have a negative thought and judgement. In fact, the meaning of the  term itself have changed drastically over time and had picked up some negative connotation as well. Oh, she’s a feminist, which implies that she is bossy, b*tchy, sassy, shows too much attitude, attention seeker etc. Whoa whoa whoa!!! Calm down human beings. Just because I believe in equality and want to be equal, doesn’t mean I’d have to be teared down to the ocean’s eight. We’re all Human beings and Something or someone created us, be it God or Energy. Religious books and science claims that Human beings are the best creation of all. Now, before even going to the topic of  greatest creation, let’s make education and understanding better. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m writing to educate you. You know yourself better than anyone else. So I’ll leave the educating part to you. But let’s understand the concept of feminism together. It is perfectly understandable that every human has a different view point. And you might think this is how perceive feminism to be. Keeping that in mind, I came up with the most acceptable definitions from the dictionaries worldwide. According to Oxford dictionary a feminist is a person who supports the belief that, women should have same rights and opportunities as men. According to Urban dictionary Feminism is about woman getting the same rights  as men. By these meanings it is clear that feminism is another term for equality. Not woman being superior to men, but to be equal. Now equality, what is equality? Driving a car, getting involved in politics for exp: right to vote, having right to education, right to have a job, getting paid the same hourly, being able to walk on the street without being judged and pointed out as a female, and told where she belongs. Now, is equality really being pursued through supporting feminism or claiming to be a feminist, Or it is being miss understood and being  misinterpreted differently to suit an individual’s own needs?

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