Myth of the day

“Opposites attracts” we’ve all learned it very well by now, and believe in it and relate it to many aspects of our lives. But did you know that it is one of the biggest myths you’ve made your brain believe. Wait! your physics teacher taught you that, its not your fault. So, does that mean your physics teacher lied to you?. No no no, he/she didn’t, but your brain played a trick. Our brain is a marvelous part of our bodies and lives without a doubt. Doing trillion things at once, while keeping control over everything else in the body and maintaining balance, making every task easy for us. Now that really is neat work However, our brain doesn’t like complexities, lingering or incomplete tasks. No matter what, be it right or wrong, our brain will always interpret any information/input and make sense out of it. When your physics teacher taught you magnetism and properties of magnet, they at least once mentioned that two same poles of two individual magnets never attract. A magnet has two poles- north and south. A south pole will never attract to another magnet’s south pole, and no north pole of two magnets would attract. The relationship between them is infinite repulsion. But a south and north pole will always attract no matter what. From there, we came up with the theory that opposites attracts. Now that theory is correct in case of magnets, cables, wires and batteries, but it is not so in case of us  Human. Psychology says we don’t fall for people who are opposite to us, but rather similar in our journey of life, we always tend to be with people who are like minded to us.  That’s how we’re built. Our brains are functioned that way.  For example- when we watch national geography or discovery channel,  we see that animals are always in their own specific groups. Now, they haven’t seen a mirror or something that they know how they look like, then how do they find out their groups? Their brains are functioned to look for similar behaviour, that’s how they figure out who they belong to. That is quite the case with us too. We pair up with someone who understand us better than most others, who think like us, who work like us. Not every human being would be an exact clone of you, yet there are many similarities that would attract you to the one that is mostly like you. I’d really like to suggest the book “50 great myths of psychology” by sir Berry Beyestein, Sir John Ruscio, Sir Scott Lilienfeld, and Sir Steven J. Lynn. This book will tell you about 50 myths you’ve been believing as truth your entire life.

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