Let’s take a look at them too, They are those unfortunate ones, who fall victim to situation and are forced to leave their own land to escape war, persecution or natural disaster. They are called refugee. We human have a tendency to neglect things that has been rejected. We see these refugees as non-human who don’t deserve a life. We are brainwashed in such a way, that we often lack critical thinking and don’t really care about things that is not a concern for us. Here’s a scenario, imagine you woke up to a massacre- everywhere you lay your eyes on you see restless and distressed situation, an emergency alert is in on, loud sirens blowing from every side and corner. You get extremely frightened and can’t understand what’s going on, what to do. There’s a knock on your door and as soon as you open the door, rescue folks jostle in and tells you that your country is under attack, there’s a war going on and you are being moved to another country for safety. As soon as you step outside your house, you see blood, gore and destruction every where. You can’t understand a thing but all you hear and see is catastrophe. You don’t know where your mom, dad or sibling are. Suddenly you open your eyes and see everything is normal, your mom is serving breakfast, your dad is getting ready for work and your sibling/s are getting ready for school. you look outside the window and you see everything is perfectly fine. Phew! what a nightmare. You feel relived and forget about it and start your perfectly fine day. But do you realize that your nightmare is the story of someone else’s life today? Definitely you’re not responsible for their situation, but someone else is, so you shouldn’t care about it. Likewise, someone else didn’t care too and disrupted someone’s life completely. But did you know that among all these someones and you there’s one thing that is  common. We all are human beings and we make our own surroundings. Maybe in a different country or continent, but we are the same. If there is an issue , it is not only a concern for that specific country, it is a global issue. It is a concern for all of us. It effects the world economy.  So we have a responsibility to help them.  According to UNHCR  68.5 million people were forced to flee their lands and among them 21.4 million are refugees. Most of them are jobless and homeless because of their undocumented status, them not having legal residential status. Now think about it, we are letting them in as refugees to give them shelter, and provide them with a safe and secure life. But we are the very same people who don’t want to accept and employ them because of their status. So first they are forced to leave their homes for the sake of their safety and then are left in a situation where they don’t even know where to begin with. Now you might come up with this question – If the refugees are here(in a given country)for a temporary amount of time, why should we even think of settling them here? Before thinking about that question let’s either think about resolving the issue and take care of the situation that made them refugees in the first place, or simply just think if the issue itself is temporary or permanent. If we all were more conscious and aware of the situations that are not concerns for us, we probably could’ve made other’s life easier.


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