In Equality we trust

Equality is a not a word only. It has always been a motivation that drives me to work more and more to establish it. If I say I believe in equality, I don’t definitely mean that I want to  be superior and dominant to others. I have the same rights as an average Human being does, despite of my race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, ability and immigration status. I moved on the USA in 2016 with my family. A brief background, my grandparents were provided family Immigrant visa with permanent residence in the USA from the USCIS(United States citizenship and immigration services) and NVC(National Visa center) of the USA under the category F3(family immigrant visas) back in 1997. They immigrated here, worked their souls off, paid taxes and continuously lived here for 5 years and became naturalized citizens in 2002. They left their 9 children behind, so being able to reunite with their family was the only drive that made them determined to apply for their children. After becoming naturalized citizens in 2002 , in 2004 my grandparents were able to apply for their 9 children and their spouses and their grandchildren. It took 11 years for USCIS to process our applications and call us for an interview in 2016. After 2-3 months on prolonged waiting, they finally issued our visas. Our as in my parents, I and my younger sister and my other uncle’s and aunts. After reading this brief history you have probably understood by now that I’m not an undocumented Alien who is here illegally. Please don’t get me wrong. Apparently Alien is the term the USCIS has given “Immigrants” whether they are documented or undocumented, legally or illegally here. I am a permanent resident or a green card holder who legally came to this country and I have faced so much discrimination for being a different one. Now you’re probably thinking I maybe didn’t know to speak English properly and/or had no idea about western culture. Actually it was nothing like that. My Dad is very famous in my country since he is both the leader and a member of his own music band and he is also a government employee. Due to his fame, I never got an opportunity to go to a public or local school. I went to a private English medium school which followed the Cambridge A.K.A British Curriculum. Most of our teachers were from United Kingdom and Australia. So English was the second mother tongue to me. And not to mention English movies and songs would be a disgrace. I speak fluent English with a bit of British accent and still got treated feebly.  Experiencing all that discrimination after coming to the USA, it did hurt me, but more than that it inspired me to work for what I believed in. If I am no harm to humanity, I should not be treated like rubbish. Be it documented, undocumented, male, female, able disable, white or blank or brown or have small eyes, young or old, I fall in the criteria of a human being, and I have the right to be treated equally. The motto is ‘In God we trust’. If you really trust in God, you will trust in Equality too.  And if you’re someone who doesn’t trust in God I don’t discourage you, but a proper logic and your critical thinking skills are enough to make you believe in equality and it will be proven through your actions. 

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