Islam and Terrorism

The topic by now has probably popped these question in your mind already, Is he/she really gonna write about Terrorism? What knowledge does she have about it? I may not be a very big and deep source, However, I am a literate human being who has gathered enough and solid information. What is terrorism?- Islam means terrorism. Islam is simply the other name for terrorism. Your aggression and thoughts making you see no difference between Islam and Terrorism is completely understandable. Another human being like you and I are brainwashed to do evil, to harm man kind, to destroy the most beautiful and best creation of God. And to suit their needs and to archive their identities, they are simply manipulating, misinterpreting and misusing religion. As a result, the terrorist are seen in a black burkha(black-full sleeve dress worn by Muslim woman) and Alkhella(white, long, full sleeved shirt like dress Muslim men wear, mostly seen in Saudi Arabia). Let me give you a scenario. If you were asked to play sty fight with pig, the pig will enjoy it a lot, however you certainly wouldn’t, because you will definitely not enjoy getting all nasty and covered in dirt or muddy puddles. It is the similar case with these brainwashed people known as terrorists. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not comparing or stating them as pigs, but they do have the characteristics of pigs. They do enjoy “air the dirty laundry” to Islam and its reputation. Take a look at these definitions- According to Oxford dictionary, terrorism means The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. And Islam means The religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah. Now, what part of these two definitions tell you that Islam means terrorism? or Islam is the other name for terrorism? Think logically, there are approximately 3.45 million Muslim in the US which looks like a lot but only makes about 1.1% of the population, and there are approximately 2 billion Muslims in this world. Which means, if every Muslim was a terrorist, do you think we would stand a God damn chance? Now take a look into a more pathetic situation. My sister is an Eighth grader, in her Independent living class they were asked to stand in a line and asked to move to their left if they agree to question asked and to move to right if they disagree to the question asked. And one question was like this- It is dangerous/unsafe to be friends or play with a Muslim. And guess what? 60% of the kids moved to right and only 20% moved to the left, and the rest stood in the middle. Now this is a proof enough for me to say that terrorism resides in each and everyone of us. We brain washed our innocent Eighth graders to believe that it is unsafe/dangerous to be friends with a Muslim. I completely understand parent’s concern about the safety of their children, but we are going in the wrong direction. We are teaching the children to fight among themselves and discriminate who is good, who is bad, who is harmful, who isn’t, instead of teaching them to fight together against the bad, the evil and the harm.  Thus, there is no solution to these problems, and everyday someone innocent is paying the toll of our misguide with their lives. Today, 3/15/19 in history, there was a terrorist attack that took place in two Mosque/Masjid(holy place for Islam to pray) in New Zealand and took toll on 49 innocent lives. Yes, you read it right. Mosques, not church or temples. The shooting was in two mosques and killed 49 “MUSLIM”. Now think about it, if Islam is the other name for terrorism, why did the terrorist attack take place in mosques and killed only Muslims and then live streamed it? Just like we say and deeply believe that Love has no age, race, gender, sex and religion likewise, being evil, having intentions for hurting or harming others, terrorism has no age, race, gender, sex and religion. Being evil is Human nature, and anyone can be brainwashed to cause harm and destruction. In conclusion, I’m not here to preach Islam or advertise the great virtues of Islam to you all, but surely am here to let you know about these issues that are rather taking a massively dangerous shape. And if it is a massacre for one individual country and it’s population, it is a risk or threat to our country, our children and us as well. Today maybe we’re hearing and reading about it, but who knows that tomorrow it wouldn’t become our story. Now you and I can sit here and argue for years and blame the Government or Islam, But remember you are the greatest creation of God and if you really want to change and resolve problems, you need to take action.…/new-estimates-show-u-s-muslim-population-continues-to-gr…

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  1. I would like to start off by saying thank you for covering such an unspoken topic that needs to be covered. I completely agree with you I think many people are brainwashed by the media to associate Islam with terrorism. Which is interesting because Islam is the complete opposite of terrorism, it’s a religion of peace. The attack that happened in New Zeland is a hate crime and terrorist attack. This shooting has created fear globally among many Muslims because they are now scared to even worship their religion. This is very sad having to choose to be safe or worship your religion. Overall, I wonder if this event in New Zeland will change the way people think or act.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, We are human beings and we are not always perfect but that doesn’t mean our religions are imperfect. Even after getting proper religious and moral teachings, we often make mistakes or go ruthless. However, my evil actions doesn’t describe my religion.It is very important for us to really get outside the box and think deeply, logically. More to add, if we really properly read our religious books, you’ll find a lot of things that are not there, which concludes that people don’t obey religion, but use by misinterpreting and misunderstanding it to suit one’s own needs. Once again thankyou for supporting, I really appreciate.

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