Islam and Terrorism

The topic by now has probably popped these question in your mind already, Is he/she really gonna write about Terrorism? What knowledge does she have about it? I may not be a very big and deep source, However, I am a literate human being who has gathered enough and solid information. What is terrorism?- Islam means terrorism. Islam is simply the other name for terrorism. Your aggression and thoughts making you see no difference between Islam and Terrorism is completely understandable. Another human being like you and I are brainwashed to do evil, to harm man kind, to destroy the most beautiful and best creation of God. And to suit their needs and to archive their identities, they are simply manipulating, misinterpreting and misusing religion. As a result, the terrorist are seen in a black burkha(black-full sleeve dress worn by Muslim woman) and Alkhella(white, long, full sleeved shirt like dress Muslim men wear, mostly seen in Saudi Arabia). Let me give you a scenario. If you were asked to play sty fight with pig, the pig will enjoy it a lot, however you certainly wouldn’t, because you will definitely not enjoy getting all nasty and covered in dirt or muddy puddles. It is the similar case with these brainwashed people known as terrorists. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not comparing or stating them as pigs, but they do have the characteristics of pigs. They do enjoy “air the dirty laundry” to Islam and its reputation. Take a look at these definitions- According to Oxford dictionary, terrorism means The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. And Islam means The religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah. Now, what part of these two definitions tell you that Islam means terrorism? or Islam is the other name for terrorism? Think logically, there are approximately 3.45 million Muslim in the US which looks like a lot but only makes about 1.1% of the population, and there are approximately 2 billion Muslims in this world. Which means, if every Muslim was a terrorist, do you think we would stand a God damn chance? Now take a look into a more pathetic situation. My sister is an Eighth grader, in her Independent living class they were asked to stand in a line and asked to move to their left if they agree to question asked and to move to right if they disagree to the question asked. And one question was like this- It is dangerous/unsafe to be friends or play with a Muslim. And guess what? 60% of the kids moved to right and only 20% moved to the left, and the rest stood in the middle. Now this is a proof enough for me to say that terrorism resides in each and everyone of us. We brain washed our innocent Eighth graders to believe that it is unsafe/dangerous to be friends with a Muslim. I completely understand parent’s concern about the safety of their children, but we are going in the wrong direction. We are teaching the children to fight among themselves and discriminate who is good, who is bad, who is harmful, who isn’t, instead of teaching them to fight together against the bad, the evil and the harm.  Thus, there is no solution to these problems, and everyday someone innocent is paying the toll of our misguide with their lives. Today, 3/15/19 in history, there was a terrorist attack that took place in two Mosque/Masjid(holy place for Islam to pray) in New Zealand and took toll on 49 innocent lives. Yes, you read it right. Mosques, not church or temples. The shooting was in two mosques and killed 49 “MUSLIM”. Now think about it, if Islam is the other name for terrorism, why did the terrorist attack take place in mosques and killed only Muslims and then live streamed it? Just like we say and deeply believe that Love has no age, race, gender, sex and religion likewise, being evil, having intentions for hurting or harming others, terrorism has no age, race, gender, sex and religion. Being evil is Human nature, and anyone can be brainwashed to cause harm and destruction. In conclusion, I’m not here to preach Islam or advertise the great virtues of Islam to you all, but surely am here to let you know about these issues that are rather taking a massively dangerous shape. And if it is a massacre for one individual country and it’s population, it is a risk or threat to our country, our children and us as well. Today maybe we’re hearing and reading about it, but who knows that tomorrow it wouldn’t become our story. Now you and I can sit here and argue for years and blame the Government or Islam, But remember you are the greatest creation of God and if you really want to change and resolve problems, you need to take action.…/new-estimates-show-u-s-muslim-population-continues-to-gr…

In Equality we trust

Equality is a not a word only. It has always been a motivation that drives me to work more and more to establish it. If I say I believe in equality, I don’t definitely mean that I want to  be superior and dominant to others. I have the same rights as an average Human being does, despite of my race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, ability and immigration status. I moved on the USA in 2016 with my family. A brief background, my grandparents were provided family Immigrant visa with permanent residence in the USA from the USCIS(United States citizenship and immigration services) and NVC(National Visa center) of the USA under the category F3(family immigrant visas) back in 1997. They immigrated here, worked their souls off, paid taxes and continuously lived here for 5 years and became naturalized citizens in 2002. They left their 9 children behind, so being able to reunite with their family was the only drive that made them determined to apply for their children. After becoming naturalized citizens in 2002 , in 2004 my grandparents were able to apply for their 9 children and their spouses and their grandchildren. It took 11 years for USCIS to process our applications and call us for an interview in 2016. After 2-3 months on prolonged waiting, they finally issued our visas. Our as in my parents, I and my younger sister and my other uncle’s and aunts. After reading this brief history you have probably understood by now that I’m not an undocumented Alien who is here illegally. Please don’t get me wrong. Apparently Alien is the term the USCIS has given “Immigrants” whether they are documented or undocumented, legally or illegally here. I am a permanent resident or a green card holder who legally came to this country and I have faced so much discrimination for being a different one. Now you’re probably thinking I maybe didn’t know to speak English properly and/or had no idea about western culture. Actually it was nothing like that. My Dad is very famous in my country since he is both the leader and a member of his own music band and he is also a government employee. Due to his fame, I never got an opportunity to go to a public or local school. I went to a private English medium school which followed the Cambridge A.K.A British Curriculum. Most of our teachers were from United Kingdom and Australia. So English was the second mother tongue to me. And not to mention English movies and songs would be a disgrace. I speak fluent English with a bit of British accent and still got treated feebly.  Experiencing all that discrimination after coming to the USA, it did hurt me, but more than that it inspired me to work for what I believed in. If I am no harm to humanity, I should not be treated like rubbish. Be it documented, undocumented, male, female, able disable, white or blank or brown or have small eyes, young or old, I fall in the criteria of a human being, and I have the right to be treated equally. The motto is ‘In God we trust’. If you really trust in God, you will trust in Equality too.  And if you’re someone who doesn’t trust in God I don’t discourage you, but a proper logic and your critical thinking skills are enough to make you believe in equality and it will be proven through your actions. 


Let’s take a look at them too, They are those unfortunate ones, who fall victim to situation and are forced to leave their own land to escape war, persecution or natural disaster. They are called refugee. We human have a tendency to neglect things that has been rejected. We see these refugees as non-human who don’t deserve a life. We are brainwashed in such a way, that we often lack critical thinking and don’t really care about things that is not a concern for us. Here’s a scenario, imagine you woke up to a massacre- everywhere you lay your eyes on you see restless and distressed situation, an emergency alert is in on, loud sirens blowing from every side and corner. You get extremely frightened and can’t understand what’s going on, what to do. There’s a knock on your door and as soon as you open the door, rescue folks jostle in and tells you that your country is under attack, there’s a war going on and you are being moved to another country for safety. As soon as you step outside your house, you see blood, gore and destruction every where. You can’t understand a thing but all you hear and see is catastrophe. You don’t know where your mom, dad or sibling are. Suddenly you open your eyes and see everything is normal, your mom is serving breakfast, your dad is getting ready for work and your sibling/s are getting ready for school. you look outside the window and you see everything is perfectly fine. Phew! what a nightmare. You feel relived and forget about it and start your perfectly fine day. But do you realize that your nightmare is the story of someone else’s life today? Definitely you’re not responsible for their situation, but someone else is, so you shouldn’t care about it. Likewise, someone else didn’t care too and disrupted someone’s life completely. But did you know that among all these someones and you there’s one thing that is  common. We all are human beings and we make our own surroundings. Maybe in a different country or continent, but we are the same. If there is an issue , it is not only a concern for that specific country, it is a global issue. It is a concern for all of us. It effects the world economy.  So we have a responsibility to help them.  According to UNHCR  68.5 million people were forced to flee their lands and among them 21.4 million are refugees. Most of them are jobless and homeless because of their undocumented status, them not having legal residential status. Now think about it, we are letting them in as refugees to give them shelter, and provide them with a safe and secure life. But we are the very same people who don’t want to accept and employ them because of their status. So first they are forced to leave their homes for the sake of their safety and then are left in a situation where they don’t even know where to begin with. Now you might come up with this question – If the refugees are here(in a given country)for a temporary amount of time, why should we even think of settling them here? Before thinking about that question let’s either think about resolving the issue and take care of the situation that made them refugees in the first place, or simply just think if the issue itself is temporary or permanent. If we all were more conscious and aware of the situations that are not concerns for us, we probably could’ve made other’s life easier.


Myth of the day

“Opposites attracts” we’ve all learned it very well by now, and believe in it and relate it to many aspects of our lives. But did you know that it is one of the biggest myths you’ve made your brain believe. Wait! your physics teacher taught you that, its not your fault. So, does that mean your physics teacher lied to you?. No no no, he/she didn’t, but your brain played a trick. Our brain is a marvelous part of our bodies and lives without a doubt. Doing trillion things at once, while keeping control over everything else in the body and maintaining balance, making every task easy for us. Now that really is neat work However, our brain doesn’t like complexities, lingering or incomplete tasks. No matter what, be it right or wrong, our brain will always interpret any information/input and make sense out of it. When your physics teacher taught you magnetism and properties of magnet, they at least once mentioned that two same poles of two individual magnets never attract. A magnet has two poles- north and south. A south pole will never attract to another magnet’s south pole, and no north pole of two magnets would attract. The relationship between them is infinite repulsion. But a south and north pole will always attract no matter what. From there, we came up with the theory that opposites attracts. Now that theory is correct in case of magnets, cables, wires and batteries, but it is not so in case of us  Human. Psychology says we don’t fall for people who are opposite to us, but rather similar in our journey of life, we always tend to be with people who are like minded to us.  That’s how we’re built. Our brains are functioned that way.  For example- when we watch national geography or discovery channel,  we see that animals are always in their own specific groups. Now, they haven’t seen a mirror or something that they know how they look like, then how do they find out their groups? Their brains are functioned to look for similar behaviour, that’s how they figure out who they belong to. That is quite the case with us too. We pair up with someone who understand us better than most others, who think like us, who work like us. Not every human being would be an exact clone of you, yet there are many similarities that would attract you to the one that is mostly like you. I’d really like to suggest the book “50 great myths of psychology” by sir Berry Beyestein, Sir John Ruscio, Sir Scott Lilienfeld, and Sir Steven J. Lynn. This book will tell you about 50 myths you’ve been believing as truth your entire life.


Whenever someone hears the term feminism or feminist, most of them always have a negative thought and judgement. In fact, the meaning of the  term itself have changed drastically over time and had picked up some negative connotation as well. Oh, she’s a feminist, which implies that she is bossy, b*tchy, sassy, shows too much attitude, attention seeker etc. Whoa whoa whoa!!! Calm down human beings. Just because I believe in equality and want to be equal, doesn’t mean I’d have to be teared down to the ocean’s eight. We’re all Human beings and Something or someone created us, be it God or Energy. Religious books and science claims that Human beings are the best creation of all. Now, before even going to the topic of  greatest creation, let’s make education and understanding better. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m writing to educate you. You know yourself better than anyone else. So I’ll leave the educating part to you. But let’s understand the concept of feminism together. It is perfectly understandable that every human has a different view point. And you might think this is how perceive feminism to be. Keeping that in mind, I came up with the most acceptable definitions from the dictionaries worldwide. According to Oxford dictionary a feminist is a person who supports the belief that, women should have same rights and opportunities as men. According to Urban dictionary Feminism is about woman getting the same rights  as men. By these meanings it is clear that feminism is another term for equality. Not woman being superior to men, but to be equal. Now equality, what is equality? Driving a car, getting involved in politics for exp: right to vote, having right to education, right to have a job, getting paid the same hourly, being able to walk on the street without being judged and pointed out as a female, and told where she belongs. Now, is equality really being pursued through supporting feminism or claiming to be a feminist, Or it is being miss understood and being  misinterpreted differently to suit an individual’s own needs?


Difficulty in reading is also a kind of disorder. Yes, you’re reading it right. Dyslexia, a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading.  This condition is treatable, however it is not curable. This disorder is mostly seen children, could also effect elderly people. The child doesn’t necessarily have to be a special child. It can occur in children with normal vision and intelligence as well. Causes could be, family history of dyslexia, premature birth or low birth weight, exposure during pregnancy to nicotine, alcohol or infection that may alter brain development in the fetus, individual differences in parts of the brain that enables reading and many more causes. Symptoms usually include late talking, longer time learning new words and a delay in learning to read but not limited to reading related problems only. Not being able to tie a knot or shoe lace, not being able to catch a ball, unable to judge space, distance, difference are also included. Most children with Dyslexia can succeed in school with tutoring or specialized education programs. But what they cannot succeed in is getting diagnosed. If a child is having trouble reading, understanding or identifying letters, numbers and words, that child is most likely to have the lowest grade in class. To us parents with work loads, bills, mortgage payments, debts, it might look like the child is not being attentive enough, or is engaged in other activities but not books. What we don’t understand is, if the child is unable to read and understand or identify what is written in that book, why wouldn’t they engage in activities that doesn’t require reading? Every worksheet, homework and classwork of the child only has stroke of red ink.  Parents-teachers meeting has been called, parents attend it, the teachers explains everything going on with the child. Parents think it is because the child is not being attentive in class and spending more time on useless activities like drawing, playing, video games, watching cartoons, discovering new things. They talk to the child, explain to the child that they will be punished, grounded, not given the things they want if the child keeps bringing  poor grades home. The child tries it’s level best to get good grades, be attentive in class, and still brings poor grades home. The child is punished, scolded, in worst case scenario-physically abused, new rules have been set to train the child. However, everything remains the same. The child is pressurized even more, and at one point the child becomes devastated, depressed, upset, feel lack of self confidence and maybe completely begins behaving abnormally, and then sent to a school for special kids with a tag on the child that say special child. Maybe if the parents would try to understand the child’s difficulties, seek medical help to confirm diagnosis and rather than setting up punishments they took special care of the child, maybe the child could turn around its own world, instead of racing with the world to keep us with it. All that the child needed, was a little help and care.

The city and the city

I think one of China Mievelle’s most outstanding creation is The city and the city.  I didn’t think I was going to like the book at first, but eventually, I found this masterpiece very exciting. He has not only demonstrated, but proven that he is a prolific writer. Not only a writer, I would say he is much more than that, who can establish an imagery in a readers mind of something that has derived simply from his Imagination. In this book, he talks about two cities Beszel and Ul Qoma, and distinguishes how different each city were, despite of being a part of the same area. An invisible line of separation that exists and separates both the cities completely. Casting a fear in the residence’s mind that their day to day activities are continuously being observed by Breech. Breech belongs to both cities. They are like secret agents in disguise who are keeping log of both the cities everyday. In brief, a lady named Mahalia, a phD student was obsessed with a mystery city named Orciny between the two cities. One of the politicians use her obsession against her and leveraged her to uncover the secret city. But their intentions were for her to dig out artifacts and sell them to foreign companies for profit. When Mahalia realized that there was no such secret city and it was a cover up for the companies profit, she was  murdered and her dead body was dumped in Beszel. A detective agent named Borlu got involved in it and he desperately wanted to solve the mystery of her death. It was very hard to gather information and evidence since they were not allowed to see anything happening in the other city, and even if they did see something by mistake, they had to unsee it, otherwise they will be taken over by Breech. This book is a combination of mystery, conspiracy, and to some extent one’s place and space. Boru’s going back and forth from Beszel to Ul Qoma always reminded him of his place. Where he belonged to, who his people were and for who he worked for, what he isn’t suppose to see or know. More to add, Borlu was accused of breeching since he shot the snipper that was shooting at him, Dhatt and Yolanda(Mahalia’s best friend). When Borlu went to the Breech headquarters, he came to know that none of the Breech members were from either of the cities. He was the very first and only one. Now the bigger question that really interests me is that, being a breech member belonging from one of the cities, would Borlu be fair to both the cities?

Education through the eye of an Immigrant

Education through an immigrant eye


“A small step to care, a giant step to education.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen it has indeed

become that urgent on us to step ahead and get involved solving a well discussed but unresolved

issue. Immigrant students do not get the similar experience in school as the non-immigrant

students do. Apart from the language barrier, students who have immigrated face a harder time

to blend in with the natural resident students. This interaction could be from cultural difference,

or inactive racism. On the other hand, students who are natural residents of the country,

regardless of gender or race, have it easier to adopt the system of education.


Since the United States accepts the highest number of immigrants, it is obvious to assume

that diversity would be the least problematic of hindrances for the immigrant students. However,

it isn’t as smooth as our assumptions. Unfortunately, our school system is not effectively helpful

at this either. Most of the academic syllabuses are mostly focused on the results at the end of

exams. Which means, the students are more concentrated towards “studying for good grades”,

rather than cultural blending. This leaves immigrant students asking for more. They fail to learn

through human interactions because everyone else is caught up. You see, the mind of a child is

designed to imitate behaviour like adults. And there are adults who are not immediately

accepting of immigrants in the labour force. The impact of it can eventually fall on the

immigrant children.


Americans have a very complex relationship with immigration and have a very

negative connotation about the term “Immigrant”. Although almost every American recognises

that the USA is a country that was built by the immigrants and immigrants are acknowledged to

be one of the foundations of the unique nation that it is today. Talking from personal experience,

after migrating to this country, I have had the privilege to be in a US history class where I came

to know about all the amazing things immigrants have brought to this country, how immigrants

were welcomed to this land of ‘Free’ and opportunities. Yet when I introduce myself as an

immigrant, I get a stare that constantly reminds me that I am not welcomed here, I’m not a part

of this nation, and I will never be treated equally and accepted fully as an American even after

adapting to the culture and westernising myself completely, learn to write and speak English

fluently without any accents. I will forever remain an alien to them. I will forever be their matter

of hatred and un-acceptance because, immigrants like me are terrorists, rapists, job stealers,

thieves, drug smugglers and bring diseases to this country according to them. Now think about

all the mass shooting that happens in schools, movie theaters and even in churches. How much

contribution or involvement of immigrants do you see? Not very much. Because their

undocumented status takes their legitimate right to even own a weapon.


When people are speaking about immigration in such negative and hostile way there’s

usually some sort of fear that is connected to that hatred. And regards to immigration, it’s the

belief that if too many immigrants come to this country, Americans would lose the way of their

life. Which is perfectly understandable. And it’s one of the motives that drives this English only

mentality, and to many references this being a Christian dominant nation to choose not to be so

flexible about immigrants. However, I believe that it is not the hatred. I believe that people’s fear

is directly connected to people’s belief that this is the greatest country in the world. Now think

about it. How often have you heard that this is the greatest country in the world from people who

don’t even own a passport and has never visited another country? Most of the Immigrants are

often accused of being here for US citizenship and passport, where most of the immigrants are

asylum seekers, refugees or to simply here to reunite with their family members. Safety is a basic

human right, and reunion is basic human characteristics. These can’t be witnessed as crime.

According to a research done by Harvard graduate school of education, undocumented status

affects more than 1 million children today, which is about one-third of all immigrant youth.


Another 4.5 million U.S.-born youth have an undocumented parent. Children face barriers

because of their parents’ undocumented status, often related to poverty, fears of deportation, and

more, while undocumented youth themselves face increasing barriers to social mobility as they

enter adolescence and hope to obtain driver’s licenses, afterschool work, and financial aid for

college. Even when children themselves are unaware of their family members’ legal status,

being undocumented or the child of an undocumented parent negatively impacts a child’s

development. Now think, if students are constantly under pressure mentally, how can they even

focus on their academic activities properly? And not to mention the financial burden that they

carry and know that they will have to work their lives off just paying debts.

That’s not the case only for immigrant students though, even native-born American students give

up in this race of learning for grades and paying off debts. According to CNN money, native

born American students are moving to Europe to earn their quality college degrees for free

without any special requirements. And if you’re a student who migrated to USA then it’s just the

beginning for you. Your degrees and certificates that you’ve already earned are now worth

nothing. The American curriculum requires you to be educated according to it. And I completely

understand that it is important. But relearning the things you’ve already learned, would it really

be a good use of your time and money that you will be investing?


Now that doesn’t make education fall in the criteria of basic human right or necessity

anymore. It becomes more of a question of sustenance. If acquiring education becomes a

financial burden, then that implies that we are simply selling education, and students are

buying it for the sake of a degree. I agree that not everyone might have the equal ability to

acquire education, but education should be accessible and open to all. Be it native born, or

immigrant, thief or saint, child or adult, documented or undocumented, every human being

should have access to education. Nobody has the right to make someone else feel inferior. Not at

least by education.


Education is the backbone of a nation. We don’t need to be aggressive or violent or

inhuman to make America great again. Let’s come together and make education great again. Our

nation will then prosper on its own. And we students of today are the future of this country and

nation. If we don’t opt for standing for the right who will? Folks, it is now time for us to open

the windows, because the wind of change has begun to blow and will leave no leaves unturned.

And I strongly believe that one day it will take us to the magic of the moment where together we

will hold hands, share our dreams and generate a brighter, beautiful and better tomorrow for




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