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During the first few weeks of class we learned that happiness is not a hierarchy and that flourishing of self and mental illness are not mutually exclusive. We learned that through genetics, some people are more susceptible to mental disorders than others but through mindful living/practices it is possible to live a high-quality life.

For this section of class, we focused on social emotional learning. This explains the different ways we interact with others and how they affect us as individuals. One subcategory of this subject was the use of smart phones and social media. During class we placed ours phones in our backpacks (away from sight) until the class was over. We were also encouraged to incorporate this into daily lives. According to Kadir Demirci’s research on how smartphones affects college students, smartphone usage in moderation can be beneficial. Although, excessive usage can onset of mental disorders or heightened symptoms. It also decreases quality of sleep but decreasing the duration of REM sleep.

We also learned about relationships and how the company we keep and be beneficial to detrimental to self-growth. From our lecture we learned that meaningful relation are necessary not only because as humans we are social creatures and make relationships to avoid loneliness but also because relationships provide us with coping mechanisms (confiding in friends and family) and opportunities to thrive even in good times. We did an activity where we asked a couple of our friends to tell us what qualities they like about us and how we felt about their responses. When I asked my friends, I was only focused on completing the assignment, but once I got the responses I noticed how close I was to each person based on their responses. I felt a sense of warmth and closeness based on how much thought and effort went into each person’s response and was also shocked at what qualities were consistent or varied from friend to friend.

From all the lectures and classes, we had, one class that resonated with me the most was when explored various activities that incorporates mindfulness. This included mindful eating, coloring and meditation/yoga. Mindfulness is not limited to meditation. It is an awareness of each moment regardless of what you’re doing, even EATING

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  1. Great Job on your second Blog Post. I liked how you mentioned who we associate with has an impact on who we become. I too thought the best week of the class so far is the week we discussed Mindfulness. Keep up the good work.

  2. I was also shocked when I received the reponses from my friends for that assignment. Its almost like your friends and family members see special qualities in you than you may not see in your self or that may just seem to come natural to you so you don’t think about them.

  3. Relationships are a vital part of our lives and we don’t know how much we mean to someone else until we literally ask them. I also totally agree with you! Mindfulness is much more than meditation.

  4. I find it interesting how you discussed that mindfulness is more than meditating because beforehand, I thought that mindfulness simply entailed mediation. Throughout the semester, it is evident that there are many concepts that pertain to mindfulness.

  5. Hello! I felt the exact same way when I completed the assignment about asking our 3-5 close friends about something they liked or appreciated about us. It was nice to know how they felt and reassuring how well they knew us. I also enjoyed the different mindfulness exercises we did in class that day too. My favorite one was the coloring activity! Time went by so fast and it felt very nice to not think about anything except for what we were coloring.

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