Science of Happiness Blog post #3

Science of Happiness Blog post #3

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The ending lectures for SOH I believe were the most impactful. I’ve had friends ask me about this class and even tell me that I’ve changed since I started this class. I try to apply teachings/lessons from each lecture to my life and truly believe this course has truly impacted my way of thinking, social interactions and more.

The remaining lectures brought the course full circle. It was centered on academic and physical wellbeing, social interactions and even personal values when looking for work. The last topic resonated the most with me. We did an activity where we ranked our values and whether they were, needed, slightly needed or whether we could be without. Since I am graduating this semester and have been applying for more professional jobs, I realized the jobs I was applying for did not completely align with my morals. They were primarily to fulfill the role of being employed right after college. Due to societal and familial pressure we often let our career become our identity. We go so far as to let our careers, either as students or as professionals, dictate and worth and it should be this way.

Another topic that really made me think was when we talked about social networks and happiness. You have an increased percentage of being happy if you surround yourself with happy people. This percentage increases if the people you surround yourself with have surrounded themselves with other happy individuals as well. Relationship also affect mortality, with healthier relationships increasing mortality and toxic ones decreasing it accordingly. Very seldom have I really considered the mental state of the people I have surrounded myself with. Even less likely have I considered the impact my social network is having on me.

This course, if taken seriously, offers valuable information that is well founded with years of research. I have mentioned this course or at the very least the information lectured in class with friends. I have enjoyed this each and every class and will continue to encourage any and everyone I can to take this course or something like it because it has truly been beneficial.

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  1. That’s great that your friends have noticed a positive change since you enrolled in this course. It would be cool to know which techniques you decided to use and how you were able integrate them in your daily routine. Congratulations by the way and I hope you found a job that had all of the values you were looking for.

  2. Good luck finding a job that is the right fit! I agree, pressure from society (and massive debt) can make recent college graduates work for companies that stray away from their core values. I hope I can find a job that aligns with my own morals and beliefs. If not, I know that a career alone does not encompass my identity.

  3. As a graduating senior I can relate to the pressures of finding a job right after college. It is difficult to align your personal values with your first professional job. I believe in the long run you will be happy to take the time and find the job that connects with your personality and make you happier.

  4. Congratulations on graduating, I wish you luck on finding your first job within your field of study. I have to agree with you that the last few lectures carried the most impact. It took me a long time to understand how these lessons tied together, but once I started to realize, I was able to incorporate them into my every day life.

  5. Yes I agree that once you sit down and really take in the information that was given, it can definitely help you in the long run. It’s good that you’re surrounding yourself with people you believe will better help your happiness as well.

  6. The greatest thing I’ve pulled from this class is the power we have. We can choose who we surround ourselves by and have them rub onto us. Your social network is powerful! We need to be extremely careful who allow to to enter our spaces because they have so much impact on our well-being.

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