Distinguishing a Poem From a Play/Novel

Noelle Devera:  I completely agree! In poetry, you are able to see more into the character’s minds, such as their thoughts, emotions, etc. In plays, you can do this, but sometimes it requires breaking the fourth wall. Characters in poetry are more easily developed through words, while characters in plays have to be developed through the commitment of the actors.”

In this discussion, I elaborated that a poem could differ from a play by how the character development. In poetry, we are able to feel emotions of certain characters by the use of figurative language, and structure. In plays, we are able to feel the emotions of the characters by the acting. Sometimes this can be lost, due to the commitment of the actors. In poems, everything is written down, so we don’t have to play the guessing game on how they are feeling.

Jay:  “Even though all writing genres have a common medium, poetry is distinguished from the rest by its emphasis on imagery and rhythm. Plays and novels, while text based, have crucial structures such as setting, character, and  conflict that are not necessary in poems (though they can also make an appearance).”

I agree with what Jay had to say about differentiating poems from novels. Poetry can be whatever you want it to be, while novels have a specific structure that they need to follow in order to be called a novel. Poetry can be very short or it can be long, while a novel tends to run on the longer side.

KAT:I agree with @EB Fox about the big differences between poetry and novel structure. Length and form are some of the many ways to separate them. Novels are much longer, they have standard rules of capitalization, chapters, and grammar while poetry can have a bit more freedom. In addition, we can recognize epic poems from regular novels by the content, form other than just the length.  About form, poetry tends to follow a certain rules of themselves to be defined into genres that novel does not have like rhythm or the way the poet chooses words.

Kat has similar ideas to what Jay has, as they both think poetry has a little more wiggle room. Novels follow rules that poetry doesn’t necessarily have too. They have to have proper punctuation, proper grammar, and full sentences. They are also pretty lengthly. Poems are free birds, which makes them a lot better in my opinion. Sometimes rules aren’t fun to follow!!!

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