Creating Goals and Syllabi

Here’s what I learned about creating more relevant and interesting goals/subgoals from this exercise:┬áLet the subgoals bloom from one distilled central concept…then ask the key questions that will lead the learner to that concept, leaving the path broad enough to allow for individual approach.


From the TED talk, I was intrigued with┬áthe “opportunity cost” concept and its application to paths chosen (or not) in education.

One thought on “Creating Goals and Syllabi

  1. Glad to see you’re catching up with projects. Let me (supportively!) prod a little bit though.

    As I’m sure you know, this is a pretty minimal post. You technically did the activity but the post raises more questions than it answers. (What is it that “intrigued” you about opportunity cost? etc.) So what happened? Is it a question of too little time right now? Is this activity not relevant for you? Something else? There’s no way a reader could really understand from what’s here.

    I think it’s helpful to think about how you’d respond to a student doing something similar. How do we get students to embrace the spirit of an assignment and not just go through the motions? And why might they not be doing so?

    We all face these sorts of situations. Responding to it online is a little different and worth thinking about.

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