I believe in the transformative power of teamwork.  A leader is nothing without their team.  Strong teams are rooted in mutual trust and respect.  I will give credit and recognition where it is due.  Further, I will promote the department and its efforts to the rest of the organization.

I believe that challenges to our views make us stronger.  I will listen to your opinions and your dissenting views.  However, once a decision is made, we must all support it.  I will not tolerate tearing each other down.  We sink or swim as a team.  This does not mean that we can’t make change.  Change is essential for developing as individuals, as a team, and our product.  Growth is important and only happens when we are honest with ourselves and our team.  To that end, we must all make time for honest self-reflection.

I am committed to the college mission; to helping every student to create their own success story.  I believe in the promise and potential of each student who walks through our doors and I expect that to be mirrored in my employees and the way we treat each other and our students.  Everyone deserves respect, to be heard, to be included in their own academic and professional journey.  There is no place for prejudice or discrimination in our work or on our team.

I am committed to maintaining the balance between work and life, and to helping each of you to do the same.  Our work is important, but we work so that we can live – we don’t live to work. Spending time with family, protecting our mental health, and regular self-care enable us to be more productive in our work.

I am not perfect.  I will make mistakes, everyone will, we’re human.  I promise to take responsibility for my actions and my decisions, and I expect others to do the same.

I believe that the best leaders are authentic leaders who embody their philosophy in everything they do and encourage their team to do the same.  Consequently, everyone will have a chance to develop as an individual and within the team.  It is my privilege to lead my team as they develop into strong, effective leaders.