I am a brand new doctoral student on my way to becoming a more educated version of myself.  Wide-eyed, eager to learn, skeptical – in that I enjoy questioning everything, passionate, hopeful, pragmatic.

I currently work as a transfer coach for John Tyler Community College.  I am passionate about making transfer work for everyone so that students don’t loose credits or momentum when they take advantage of their local community college.  Having been a transfer student myself, this work is personal and incredibly fulfilling.

While I fully expect that between work and my studies I will be very busy I do enjoy spending time in many other areas.  I am a wife and mother and my family is everything to me.  I am a voracious reader, so much so that my book shelves are buckling under the weight of of the words that I love.  Gardening and cuddling my gorgeous cat are my other favorite ways to spend an afternoon.

Travel, and planning my next adventure, is what feeds my soul when I am struggling.  Standing in front of an amazing work of art, climbing a volcano, talking with people who knew your ancestors, and sharing food and drink with locals around the world, these experiences teach so much about perspective.  They not only give us amazing memories but they are a constant reminder that we can learn much when we take the time to listen to others and that there is always more to learn.