Roxanne Spindle ACCT 507 Fundamentals of Accounting

I am really excited about this assignment and not just because it is the last one before the wrap up.  In fact, I need to learn sandbox before I can close out topic 6.  Not to mention that my video and other new content are just notes and random thoughts. But I will get there.

Note that this course as it is currently run is a flipped classroom. The first thing students do is to listen to the lecture. The first class meeting on the chapter is a non-graded handout they work with group members. By biggest challenge in moving the course on line is to preserve as much of the small group interaction as possible while retaining the primarily asynchronous nature of the course.  I have never been much of a “engage the full class in a deep and meaningful discussion” kind of person since I remember exactly how tuned out I was most of the time.  I remember a tax law class where the instructor used the Socratic Method by intensively drilling one student while the rest of us desperately tried to figure out what to say if he asked us the next question.

Hey, I just used my new googling skills.  I could not spell Socratic Method or even Socrates, so I googled “great philosophers” and a list with his name came up – complete with picture or bust really.

Was I the one that said that the internet was totally useless?  Now I see some point to the whole thing. Now on to my assessments.

Current Assessments:

  1. A short ten question Blackboard quiz on the chapter material must be completed before class.
  2. Group quiz on chapter material
  3. Individual quiz on chapter material
  4. Each student has been assigned a company that they follow for the semester. Each chapter examines a financial ratio. Student calculates that ratio for their companies and provide comparable industry ratios.
  5. Steps 1-4 are repeated for the next chapter
  6. Test
  7. Repeat 1-6 for next two chapters.

New Assessment (deigned for the new on-line version of the class):

  1. Read your company’s management report and note three things that you felt were worth sharing. There is no one right answer for your big three. But you will have to talk about them to the class.
  2. Prepare a single power point slide with your three points.
  3. Create a Voicethread account
  4. Register for a free account and sign in
  5. You should receive an invitation to join the ACCT 507 group. If you do not receive within 30 minutes or so of logging in, contact me.
  6. Upload your slide
  7. Give a narration of your three points (about five minutes in total)
  8. Listen and comment meaningfully on the presentations of three of your fellow classmates
    1. Compare or contrast what they found important to what you read in your management report even if there point did not make your top three.
    2. Ask them to clarify a point
    3. Do not just say “great job” or “interesting”
  9. Before the assignment end date, listen to the comments on your company and answer any questions you may have gotten.