Assessment and Feedback

In taking an inventory of the current assessments I’m using, I found that there is much room for improvement.  While assessment for training will usually have a somewhat different look and feel from that of the classroom, the tools learned thus far in OLE are going to help immensely in designing and implementing new activities and assessments in my online trainings as well as classroom trainings.  As far as challenges, with training time is often a constraint.  You are looking to cover material and make the training interactive.  As a result, there is often little time for more formal assessment.  I’ve found, however, when you can put together a program with “grades” or more structured feedback, it is often well received and motivating.  I was able to include a new assessment of sorts last week in a training based on an infographic.  It basically worked as planned and was social and interactive, a good break from the rest of the training session which was more the dissemination of information.  In the quick after training survey/thoughts, many commented that they enjoyed the infographic sorting activity, so perhaps I’ll use it and continue to fine tune to bring it into future sessions.  It would also be fun to get training participants to use some of the tools I’ve learned over the past few weeks (such as Voice Thread…my five minute creation) by having trainings in a computer lab.  Quick to learn and tend to bring out everyone’s creative side which can liven up any training session.




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