Content is King…or Queen

“One of the exciting things about the Internet is that anyone with a PC and a modem can publish whatever content they can create.” – Bill Gates

As Bill Gates said almost 20 years ago (scary!), the Internet is an invaluable resource for finding content, and I was excited to be able to spend some time this week looking for content out there that can help make my online classes better and more exciting. Last week I focused more on tools to help make my courses interactive and organized. This week I wanted to really see what content already exists that I can use to create (and expand) my teaching materials.

The first searched for materials I could use for my Introduction to Mass Communication course and I, unfortunately, didn’t find much. There were a couple of videos that may be useful and I found a syllabus that I saved for future reference, but that was about it. However, I realized while I was searching that my lack of knowledge about the class and exactly what I’ll be teaching was probably the reason I wasn’t finding much. Since the class is new to me, I am not really sure what I am hoping to find. I feel like I need to dive into the textbook and think about my lectures more before I really know what to search for and how to search for it.

For my other class (Crisis Communication), which I taught face-to-face last Fall, I felt like I hit the jackpot. When I was teaching the class before I often searched online for case studies but never once thought to search for non-text content, such as videos. As I started searching for videos that I could use for the course (which I found a number of), I discovered an interesting podcast, which I am VERY excited about. A podcast is something I never thought about using to support my teaching efforts but this is perfect and I can’t wait to listen more and figure out how I can best use them.

I am going to keep searching…

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