Content Part Two

Well Kahura did download, but I got this message “Please launch from the add new menu on your website”  HUH?   Googled and found nothing.  Tried listening to video called Kaltura Introduction prepared by the guys that are suppose to know what they are doing.  The first two minutes or so was pure static.  There was a comment noting this so I let it play.   Really bad resolution and mostly totally useless.  Not much of a publicity tool.. Strange what people think is good product. Not much help, but they did say there was a Blackboard add on.  Ten minutes of searching on Blackboard and no luck.   I really want to use a recording device that allows editing and fast forward for students.  There is closed captioning on the video they put together and that would be great too.  I will figure out how to use either this or Camtasia, but not today.  I am going to just narrate the way I am currently using.  The slides are partially new.  Only the recording method is the same old thing.   Had to divide into three parts to meet upload size requirements.

Depreciation Methods part one

Depreciation Methods part two

Depreciation Methods part three