Creating Content

I definitely got a lot out of this week’s module in creating content. I absolutely HATE the way I look on video (how vain of me), but I know that students appreciate this, so I made an intro video for my summer Social Work and Social Justice class. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But it definitely isn’t my favorite thing to do! I learned that natural light is awesome and sound makes a lot of difference. My first attempt on Kaltura didn’t include sound, so I ended up using Mac’s photobooth and iMovie to create it. Nothing fancy.

Here is that video (that I will most certainly redo before the final version is posted for the actual class):

I also got started on a #MakeYourOwn project—a summer course Rampage. I’m going to remake the syllabus to be more interactive and well-designed, but for now, the Rampage will have to be a start. So here it is. It’s nothing fancy and the links don’t work yet…but they will! If anyone needs some Karma, I’d love to know how we get students to post on the course Rampage. I feel like I missed that somewhere…

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