Creating Resources – Video

I’ve used Camtasia to make how to videos for about a year now.  For the most part, I just record my screen with a voice narration.  Recently found the – enable noise removal – feature which really improved the quality of the sound.  Although I record in a relatively quiet location, there was still background noise and this feature eliminated it all.  The graphics could be better, so I’ll look into learning more about that aspect of video making next.  Since OLE is a great opportunity to try new things, I decided to try remaking one of my videos with the insert of the instructor in the lower corner.  It was much more difficult this way because I’m used to splicing clips together and editing out screen lags, etc.  The finished product looks continuous when I’m just recording my screen; however, with the instructor inserted, you can tell it has been spliced together.  It also limited my capabilities as far as zooming (or I just haven’t figured out how all these features work together yet)…

Camtasia How To Video Without Instructor:


Camtasia How To Video With Instructor:

And I made an Infographic based on Clinical Trials using!


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