Creative Syllabus

After reviewing the remakes given to us, I really liked the more engaging looked of a creative syllabus!  When I first started to remake my syllabus, I added the course goal question to the top:

I also changed the grading section to a pie chart for a better visual.  I love this pie chart but could not import it into the new syllabus for some reason.  I started to like how it was looking, but they were just pictures pasted into a Word document.  Check out where I was here: Syllabus Math 141_OLE

I searched more and found the Piktochart website and lost the next 5 hours of my life Creative Syllabus  Check out a possible new Math 141 Syllabus.  (The last section was not edited.)

I decided to make changes because my current syllabus seems too wordy, and my initial contact, my first impression to students should be more engaging and dynamic.  The new format required me to cut down on words and determine what is really important for students to know on day 1 of my class.   I feel a few more things should be included (on academic dishonesty, expectations), but I am not sure yet how to include them.

Any and all suggestions/comments/critiques are welcome!  I know there is still much work to do if I want to use this format, but it was a fun, yet time-consuming start!




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